GPS Satellite Tracking

Total visibility with pinpoint accuracy of your shipments location

To better serve our customers, satellite-tracking devices have been installed on all Southern Freight trailers. Total visibility means that at any time we can identify the exact location, status and identity of your shipment – in real time. By remotely “tracking” the progress of your shipment, we can react quickly to evolving conditions and respond appropriately. Our tracking system allows us to provide status and progress reports on movement of goods to keep all players in the supply chain better informed of delivery schedules. In-transit information can enable supply chain optimization to its full potential. Routing of shipments can be altered in real time to meet unexpected demands.

The ability to know where shipped assets are at any given time translates into greatly enhanced services to our customers and an array of efficiency improvements in internal operations. In turn these benefits can contribute to significant cost savings and increased profitability for your business.


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